Here, we offer you excellence in teaching and mentoring.
Contact the instructor listed with your class.  If no instructor is listed, contact Connie.
Learning opportunities are:

Live in Columbus Ohio
-private or group classes

Distant world wide
-private or group  
-virtual class room

If you don't see what you are looking for or if you know you are looking for something but can't quite put your finger on what it is you need, contact us & let us create an amazing learning experience for you !

Our Meetups:  (live in Columbus Ohio) 

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Classes include (but are not limited to)

Sound in Healing
   -Tuning Forks,   Singing  Bowls,   Chakras -rear
Native American Totem and Chakra
Is Your Aura Making You Fat
 Casting of the Rune
 Oracle & Angel Cards
 Spiritual Protection – Cleanse tools and protect yourself
 Angels, Guides and Ancestors 
 Meet Your Master Guides
·Past Lives
         - -Meet Your Akashic Record Guide
·     -Meet Your Soulmate
           - Healing from Past Lives
     - Disease from Past Lives
                       - Scars / Marks 
 Working outside of Time - Future Lives
Finding Your Sacred Space
 Ascending – Not Belonging
Tips and Techniques to Make You a Powerful Healer  
Munay-ki (9 rites)
          -Munay -ki Rite of the womb
Chakras - front  & rear
Aura- Including layer zero
Reading Aura Photography 
Using Crystals
The Anatomy of Intuition
Psychic Development
Clearing the Past
Quantum Touch
Reiki for Kids
Practical Reiki
Power Reiki
Selling It
The Elements